Cannabis consumers are most likely to purchase from at least 3 different cannabis categories, according to the Spring 2018 Cannabis Consumer Buying and Use Habits study. The most commonly purchased are Flower, Edible and Pre-Rolls. Of all respondents who used cannabis in the last 12 months, 33% purchased just one category of cannabis products. Two categories were purchased by 25% of respondents, while 15% purchased 3 categories and 15% purchased 4 categories or more.

Number of Categories Purchased

Number of unique categories purchased by respondents

“The goal here is to push shoppers into additional categories by capitalizing on those easy adjacencies,” said Andy Kerrigan, founder of GreensData, Inc. and publisher of the study. “Our deeper analysis suggests the easiest tack-on sales are in Edibles and Pre-Rolls, virtually across the board. Ease of use and the possibility of immediate consumption likely drive shoppers to these two categories. If you are a dispensary owner, push Pre-Rolls if someone just buys Flower. Interestingly, the highest overlap for shoppers who only buy Vape is Edibles. For dispensaries, push Edibles when someone is buying Vape supplies. For Vape vendors, you might want to consider Edibles as a possible brand extension.”

Categories Purchased

Categories purchased by respondents in the last 12 months

Overall, 24.4% of respondents purchased Edibles, which represents the largest share for any category. Flower trailed closely at 22.8%, followed by Pre-Rolls and Vape Liquid, at 15.4% and 11.8%, respectively.  Shatter/Concentrates, Tinctures and Topicals all saw shares in the mid-single-digits.

“These flanker categories are not likely to take over the market, but they need to be included in the product mix and given a fair share of the shelf space to maximize both sales and shopper satisfaction,” continued Kerrigan. “These categories not only serve as possible incremental sales, they also represent walk-lines for loyal shoppers and need to be stocked to drive repeat visits.”

The study, conducted Feb. 16-22, 2018, asked over 1,200 people in the western U.S. about their cannabis use and purchasing habits and preferences. Respondents in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado were asked about their use and purchase frequency, as well as, preference around type and method for cannabis consumption.


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