Danish Politician Calls for the Decriminalization of Cannabis, ‘Hard Drugs’

A leading Danish politician with the opposition Social Democrats is breaking with his party’s position on cannabis and calling for the decriminalization of all drugs in Denmark. MP Henrik Sass Larsen made the remarks in a new book lambasting the Danish government’s efforts to control drugs and outlining the merits […]

This Country Could Be Close To Exporting Medical Marijuana

Key Israeli agencies have reached a new agreement that could have big implications for Israel’s cannabis industry. Now, this country could be close to exporting medical marijuana, further solidifying Israel’s place as a world leader in the legal cannabis market. New Security Measures Local news source The Jerusalem Post reported what could be […]

The Countries With The Most Relaxed Weed Laws

The post The Countries With The Most Relaxed Weed Laws appeared first on High Times. Here at High Times, our friendship with Mary Jane goes way back. From treating depression and assuaging chemotherapy symptoms to getting you blazed as heck, the herb’s manifold benefits are not lost on us, or […]