Cynthia Nixon Plans To Improve Racial Justice By Legalizing Weed

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon announced last week that she’s running for governor of New York. During a private fundraiser, Nixon came out in support of recreational marijuana. Today, she clarified her stance on marijuana on Twitter. Cynthia Nixon plans to improve racial justice by legalizing weed. Here’s […]

MMA Star Cynthia Calvillo Suspended For Nine Months For Smoking Weed

In the world of professional mixed martial arts, athletes who test positive for cannabis use experience harsh, sometimes exorbitant penalties. Fighters are routinely subject to drug screenings from the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and testing positive, especially multiple times, can derail a career. Perhaps the most high-profile of these instances […]

6 Tips For Building Up A Dope Weed-Centric Instagram Account

Instagram has become a platform where users can express their interests and hobbies through hundreds of photos. So, what better way to express your love for marijuana than through a dope weed-centric Instagram page? There are thousands of weed-centric pages on Instagram. In fact, some of the best marijuana-related photography […]

Civil Rights Icon to Appear at Earth Day Cannabis Village

The post Civil Rights Icon to Appear at Earth Day Cannabis Village appeared first on High Times. Recently, it was announced that the civil rights icon to appear at Earth Day Cannabis Village in San Diego is Dolores Huerta. The iconic labor and feminist leader will be the featured guest […]