One Piece Of Software Has Completely Transformed The Pot Industry

The post One Piece Of Software Has Completely Transformed The Pot Industry appeared first on High Times. It’s a known fact among weed business owners that one piece of software has completely transformed the pot industry. Founded by Jessica Billingsley and Amy Poinsett, MJ Freeway is a software system designed […]

Is Jenny Wakeandbake Marijuana’s Most Lovable Ambassador?

Jenny Wakeandbake is a photographer, writer, vlogger, medical marijuana (MMJ) patient, cannabis advocate and ambassador for NugTools, makers of the popular Nuggy. Known on Instagram and Youtube as @Jennywakeandbake, Jenny uses both platforms to openly share her patient story while documenting her day-to-day adventures consuming and normalizing cannabis in a […]

At Danny Sloat’s AlpinStash, Family, Focus and Femininity Flower

Founded in March of 2015 in Colorado, AlpinStash is a family run, craft cannabis cultivation company with a passion for growing plants and an affinity for natural healing. Born and raised in Boulder, owner and master gardener Danny Sloat runs the business along with his younger sister Emily, fiancée Murr […]

Cultivating Business with Women Grow

Women Grow, a group that was started in Denver in 2014, empowers female entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry. Monthly meetings allow members an opportunity to meet each other and learn about emerging business trends. Industry experts share their knowledge during a panel discussion and attendees are encouraged to swap business […]

One Woman’s Story of Working with Incarcerated Women – High Times

Deborah Jiang Stein was born in prison, where she lived with her incarcerated mother for the first year of life. Her adoptive parents didn’t want her to know that. She would discover her secret when, at 12-years-old, she was rifling through her adoptive mother’s dresser and found a document. She […]

Want to Legalize Marijuana? Get Moms on Board – High Times

Remember a mom called Candace Lightner, who, after her 13-year-old daughter was killed by a drunk driver in 1980, founded an organization, which is is now one of the largest non-profits in the entire country? Did you know that one of the essential factors in the repeal of Prohibition, back […]