Cannabis-Infused Wine Comes to California in 2018

Rebel Coast Winery announced this week the launch of the world’s first cannabis-infused, alcohol-removed wine. The company’s THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc, available only in California, will hit dispensary shelves in 2018. Co-founders Alex Howe and Chip Forsythe According to the press release, they plan to be fully compliant with California’s new […]

With Legal Marijuana on the Cusp, California to Pairing Wine and Weed

In the epicurean world, Northern California is famous for two intoxicants — wine and weed. With recreational marijuana about to be legal in the Golden State, some cannabis entrepreneurs are looking to the wine industry as a model. On the elegant terrace of a winery overlooking the vineyard-covered hills of […]

We’ll Grow Marijuana Instead – High Times

The Mediterranean climate enjoyed by much of California—long, hot and dry summer days, followed by cool nights, freshened with ocean-fed breezes—is ideally suited for wine grapes. This is also a textbook description for the ideal conditions in which the cannabis plant will thrive. Across the state, once-moribund agricultural reasons are […]