Washington Lab Conducts Transparency Study

Earlier this week Capitol Analysis Group, a cannabis-testing laboratory based in Lacey, Washington, announced they are conducting a “data-driven Lab Transparency Project, an effort to improve accuracy of cannabis testing results in the state through transparency and a new third-party auditing process,” according to a press release. They plan to […]

CANTetra announces plans to build processing facility in Bodie, WA to transform Chinese imported CBD

PRESS RELEASE  Vancouver, BC, April 1, 2018 (CBE Newswire) Canadian based CANTetra (CCE:CANT) has announced plans to build their multi-million dollar tricyclic processing facility in Bodie, Washington south of their corporate headquarters in Penticton B.C. The move was timed to take advantage of a recently passed law in Washington State (HB2334) […]

The Global Price of Cannabis

Cannabis pricing, globally, is a topic that is going to remain heated if not highly fluid for some time to come. Why? Government regulation (or lack thereof), compliance and even transport along with different models for commerce and consumption are creating an odd and absolutely uneven map of commodity pricing. […]

Audit Finds Oregon Lacking Regulatory Oversight and Proper Security

Last week, Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson published his office’s audit of The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). The audit uncovered a number of inadequacies with the regulatory agency, most notably the problems with their tracking system, designed to prevent cannabis form being sold on the black market. The […]

Washington Security Breach Delays Traceability System Rollout

On February 8th, Peter Antolin, the deputy director for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), sent an email to licensees explaining why the transition to their new traceability system was disrupted. Last Saturday, someone gained access to the sensitive information in Leaf Data Systems, the state’s traceability software […]

Here we go again, Can the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Get anything Right?

Five days into the implementation of the new Leaf Data System Seed to Sale system in Washington State, things are progressing slowly and causing major business disruption for licensees in the state. On the I502 Google user group, licensees and their techs have shared information and potential solutions to implement […]

Concentrated on Concentrates

Of The Big Three in cannabis — flower, concentrates and edibles — growth in Colorado, Washington and Oregon has been strong ever since recreational marijuana was made legal. But one of the categories, concentrates, tends to win the growth category every year, according to data from cannabis market research firm […]

Tikun Olam Expands to Washington, D.C.

Today, Tikun Olam announced their expansion into the Washington, D.C. market. Partnering with the cultivator, Alternative Solutions, they will license them to grow, manufacture and distribute Tikun-branded products. Tikun Olam is an international cannabis company with roots in Israel, where they are working in clinical trials to produce strains targeting […]

Pacific Northwest Marijuana Growing Limits Are Becoming Absurd

The post Pacific Northwest Marijuana Growing Limits Are Becoming Absurd appeared first on High Times. It seems like it should be an easy question to answer. How many cannabis plants are you legally allowed to cultivate at home if you’re an adult living in Washington or Oregon? After all, both […]