What’s Cheap? Depends Upon Where the Sales Takes Place

How much is that bag of Kosher Kush-infused gummies in the window? Among other things, it depends upon the state from which the tropical-fruit gummies are purchased. Colorado? Ouch. The average gummy product — most of which are packages containing 100 mg of THC divided between 10 individual gummies (unless […]

GreensData Report: Vape preferred by 14% of users

Cannabis users who choose Vape as their most preferred a consumption method account for 13.8% of the total user base, according to the Spring 2018 Cannabis Consumer Buying and Use Habits study. These Vape users tend to be younger than the overall user base. 11.8% of users reporting actually purchasing […]

California Sales Ignite in February, As Vapes, Edibles Keep on Burning

During just the first two months of recreational cannabis in California, sales for all types of cannabis products in the state expanded rapidly, a development probably connected in part to more dispensaries receiving sales licenses. But increased consumer demand, too, plays a role. To wit: January sales reached $143.80 million, […]

Med to Rec Reveals Fresh California Trends

How do Californians prefer to consumer their favorite plant? Prior to recreational legalization, we fully understood where those with medical licenses spent their money. Would full legalization change things? It did. So far, the shifts in consumer preferences between those with medical cards (all sales prior to 2018) and consumers […]

Potent Demand for Vapes in California

Passion for vapes in California was already strong in March. And by July, just four months later, it had grown even more potent. The latest data from data analytics firm BDS Analytics reveals that market share for vapes within the broad concentrates category is highest in California among states with […]

Induction Heating: Rice Cookers, Welders… Now Vapes?

Induction heating has limited every-day applications, aside from melting pesky bolts or as a convenient way to cook rice. However, one small company has done what others had deemed impossible—they’ve gotten this technology into a handheld vaporizer. Discovered in 1831 by Michael Faraday, said to be the “father of electromagnetism,” […]

Don’t Miss This Unheard of 4/20 Vape Sale! – High Times

This post is sponsored by The Kind Pen. The Kind Pen is having an unheard of sale for 4/20, giving 42% off all products. Their “Dream” concentrate vape pen won “Best Vape” at the HIGH TIMES SoCal Cannabis Cup in 2016 and at this discount, NOW is definitely the time to buy it!  Don’t miss out—this sale is […]