The Dankest Party Bus You’ve Ever Seen: My Ride with Loopr

We are well into marijuana legalization here in Colorado. Throughout the state, we have marijuana dispensaries in virtually every city and small town. Weed hotels, dab bars, bud and breakfasts, social clubs and now a party bus named Loopr that cruises the city while chauffeuring around patrons as they get […]

Hash Haven: An Inside Look at Pusher Street in Christiana

Christiana is a weird, mythical place on many a counter-culture citizens’ bucket list. A sort of Slab City meets San Francisco, or maybe more well described as a hippy commune with running water and electricity? Whatever your takeaway of this hamlet in Copenhagen—although residents would insist Christiana is not a […]

Answering 6 Important Questions About Your Pot Summer Vacation – High Times

Eight U.S. states and Washington, D.C. have now legalized the adult possession and use of cannabis. As an adult over 21 preparing for your summer vacation, maybe you’re considering a visit to one of them. But what are the exact rules and regulations you need to know for your legal […]

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana in Puerto Rico – High Times

Puerto Rico has been in the headlines lately for financial troubles that are leading the country towards the largest municipal bankruptcy in United States history. The island is on the hook for over $70 billion in debt and has no way to pay it. Fortunately, the government has the option to […]