Cannabis, Guns and Our Individual Rights

Cannabis laws and the Second Amendment are on a collision course likely to increase the legal risks for individuals who share the same passion for the core American principles of freedom and liberty. While these industries seem mutually exclusive, it is becoming glaringly obvious that there is overlap among a […]

University Researching Young African American Blunt Use

The post University Researching Young African American Blunt Use appeared first on High Times. Researchers are concerned about African American young adults with blunt smoking habits. In fact, the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine will receive $726,000 to fund the research on young African American blunt use. According […]

The Hiring Dilemma Facing The Cannabis Industry

The business of cannabis is starting to mature and the industry as a whole is gearing up for rapid expansion. This means that pharmaceutical companies, dispensaries and other cannabis-focused businesses are starting to expand their executive teams. However, finding qualified candidates is proving to be an incredibly challenging task, due […]