Digitalization Begins To Innovate Insurance Industry: What Does That Mean For Cannabis?

Munich, Germany- In a darkened movie studio on the east end of town, the Digital Insurance Agenda or DIA, the largest insurtech conference in the world, kicked off its annual event in mid-November. The sold-out event attracted about 1,000 top insurance executives from 40 countries and all six continents. CannabisIndustryJournal […]

On The Cusp of Revolution: 9th IACM Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine

As cannabis conference backdrops go, Cologne (or Köln as it looks to the locals) has some major plusses. Cologne is a German city that has all sorts of both historical and cutting edge things to explore. Plus of course there is the timing. This part of the world just pre-Oktoberfest […]

Meet the First Cannabusiness to Be Accepted into Johnson & Johnson’s Innovation Lab

Photo by Javier Hasse.  This article was originally published on Benzinga, and adapted exclusively for HIGH TIMES. As a cannabis company, Avicanna did not know what the outcome would be when applying to be part of JLABS @ Toronto. Yet, they were decided to make it, CEO Aras Azadian and LATAM […]

Get Lit: Blend’s Data Reveals How Millennials Talk about Weed

Photo by Javier Hasse. This article was originally published on Benzinga and adapted exclusively for HIGH TIMES. Blend is a group-messaging app with a focus on content. By adding bots into its chat interface, the company is looking to tap into the “AI revolution,” joining tech giants of the likes of […]

High Pharmaceutical Prices Mean Sick People Are Trading Drugs on Facebook – High Times

There were a few Donald Trump promises even a self-respecting Democratic Socialist of America would have wanted to see fulfilled. Actually, most Americans would have liked to have seen one Trump guarantee come through. If it had, sick people wouldn’t have to resort to buying, selling and even swapping pricey […]

How Will Online Weed Shopping Affect Dispensaries? – High Times

Buy your weed through the web? The issue was recently analyzed by VolteFace, a British think tank that looks at alternatives to current drug polices. The report’s author, Mike Power, opens by recalling that the first thing he ever bought or sold online was a bag of weed, back in 1971, long […]