Death Count From Synthetic Cannabis Consumption Keeps Rising

Despite efforts from law enforcement, the death count from synthetic cannabis consumption keeps rising in Illinois. The latest victim to fall prey to the dangerous chemical cocktail was a young woman who died on March 28. Although officials have not yet determined the 22-year-old’s cause of death, her autopsy revealed […]

Six People Suffer Severe Bleeding After Consuming Synthetic Weed

In Illinois, six people suffer severe bleeding after consuming synthetic weed. This is one of many recent occurrences that reveal how dangerous synthetic cannabis can be. Here’s what happened last week. Illinois’ Illegal and Dangerous Synthetic Weed Six people living in northeastern Illinois have experienced severe bleeding due to synthetic […]

Doctor Says Giving Cannabis To Prison Inmates Could Prevent Deaths

After a string of lethal overdoses in Scottish prisons, one doctor says giving cannabis to prison inmates could prevent deaths going forward. A part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is wrestling with its own failed drug war. The symptoms of this failure are familiar. A thriving illegal market, massive resources […]

Indiana’s Bonkers Fake Marijuana Ring – High Times

Newspapers are calling it the “Indiana version of Breaking Bad.” That’s not a terribly inaccurate description, and it certainly paints a vivid picture, but it’s not quite right.  You see, Breaking Bad didn’t have bath-salts-fueled group sex, a fundamentalist preacher and thousands of pounds of synthetic marijuana, dealt with the […]