Tiger Woods Episode Reveals Drugged Driving Is a Bigger Problem than Stoned Driving

First: Tiger Woods did the right thing. Last week, the greatest golfer of our time, now 41 years old, many years and four back surgeries removed from owning a sport and A-list celebrity status, started to feel sleepy while driving around near his Florida home—the hangover from a pharmaceutical cocktail, including […]

Investment Company Predicts Success of Effective Marijuana Breathalyzer – High Times

Although many companies have tried and failed throughout the years to create a legitimate roadside detection method for gauging marijuana impairment, a recent multi-million dollar investment in Breathalyzer technology could be an indication that an effective test is on the horizon. According to a report from Business Insider, Silicon Valley’s […]

Curing Vermont Governor’s Fear of Stoned Drivers – High Times

An open letter to Vermont Gov. Phil Scott: Dear Gov. Scott, On your desk is a bill passed by Vermont’s legislature, which has become the first in the nation to pass marijuana legalization without a citizen’s initiative. This would make Vermont the ninth state in the nation to end adult […]