Can Massachusetts Become A Leader In Marijuana Research?

Massachusetts is a national leader in fields like biotech, life sciences and health care. Could marijuana research be next? Marion McNabb, a doctor of public health and former global health worker, believes the state’s legalization of marijuana could encourage academics and scientists to conduct serious scientific research on marijuana — a field […]

Marijuana Money Finds Its Way Into California Politics

Lobbyists in slick pinstriped suits and burly veterans with tattooed arms crowded into a Capitol hearing room this week as lawmakers considered a bill to make it easier for Californians to buy legal marijuana. One supporter said people need more access to the “beautiful sacred plant.” But at its core, […]

Michigan To Regulate CBD Oil Same As Cannabis

Michigan’s market for oil-based marijuana products will now be covered by medical marijuana laws, state regulators announced Thursday. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs issued its first clarification of CBD Oil, declaring that state laws allow for its sale to medical marijuana patients – as long as the oil […]

Can Employers In California Still Test for Marijuana?

Recreational marijuana sales in California started in January, causing many employers in the state to re-evaluate their substance-abuse and drug-testing policies. But the rules governing marijuana and the workplace haven’t really changed … yet. Employers should note that they don’t have to tolerate on-the-job marijuana consumption or intoxication. They should […]

People with opioid prescriptions could get medical marijuana instead under Illinois Senate plan

Patients with a prescription for opioids would temporarily qualify for the state’s medical marijuana program under a bill the Illinois Senate passed Thursday. Supporters say the idea is to give those in pain alternatives amid the ongoing opioid addiction epidemic. Opponents suggested the bill is an effort to help Illinois’ new medical marijuana dispensaries […]

How High Are Recreational Marijuana Taxes in Your State?

As public opinion increasingly favors the legalization of recreational marijuana, a growing number of states must determine how to tax legal sales of cannabis. To date, nine states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana, but only eight of […]

Recreational Marijuana Petition In North Dakota Needs 2,500 More Signatures To Reach Ballot

Proponents of legalizing recreational marijuana use are about 2,500 signatures away from requirements for a measure to be placed on the November ballot. The measure needs 13,452 valid, qualified signatures to go to a vote, according to the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office. The petition calls for full legalization […]

Democrats say looser marijuana laws attract young voters, and some Republicans are catching on

Democrats are increasingly embracing looser restrictions on marijuana — and a growing number of high-profile Republicans are joining them, marking a shift in the politics of cannabis. As Democrats try to regain control of Congress in the November elections and make gains in state races, some strategists are wagering that […]

Is It Okay To Use ‘Marijuana’ Instead of ‘Cannabis’?

As marijuana goes mainstream, people are rethinking the term, claiming we should ditch “marijuana” because it’s racist, and instead, say “cannabis.” Individuals should say what they like, but this rule is too simplistic for such a complex drug. We should develop more, not fewer, words for what we need to say. It makes […]

These 5 States Are Not Making It East To Legalize Marijuana

While many states are standing in the way of marijuana legalization, they usually aren’t outright sabotaging efforts to do so. Even politicians who don’t support cannabis end up implementing the new laws if the voters want it. But some states will go to extreme lengths to prevent the voters’ will […]