Ballot Proposal Would Allow Anyone Over 21 To Grow Cannabis In Ohio

A group of local investors who failed in their bid to secure a state license to grow medical marijuana on Monday announced plans for a statewide ballot issue to fully legalize marijuana. Jimmy Gould, chairman of Cincinnati-based Green Light Acquisitions, proposed an Ohio constitutional amendment that would allow anyone 21 or […]

Canadian Cannabis Activist Takes Shot At Former Cops Entering The Industry

One of Canada’s most prominent marijuana activists has taken aim at former police officers who have entered the country’s fledgling cannabis industry, saying it was “hard to stomach” that those who spent years sending people to jail for pot offences are now poised to profit as the country moves towards legalisation. […]

Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Headed To The Senate

MPs passed the Liberal government’s bill to legalize cannabis Monday evening, sending the legislation down the hall to the Senate for further study and debate. The legislation was largely supported along partisan lines, although it secured the support of the NDP and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. The final vote […]

Pennsylvania’s MMJ Program Expects Shakeup With Recreational Marijuana In New Jersey

New Jersey is almost certain to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use within a year, and that’s sure to have major repercussions on Pennsylvania’s nascent medical cannabis industry. Gov.-elect Phil Murphy ran on a platform calling for full legalization of all forms of marijuana for anyone over 21. Industry analysts say the […]

Marijuana Legalization Group To Submit 360k Signatures For Michigan Proposal

 A group seeking to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan has cleared a fund-raising hurdle and is preparing to submit roughly 360,000 signatures to the state for a potential 2018 ballot proposal. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol plans to file petitions Monday. “We have been working hard all summer […]

Recreational Marijuana Could End Up On Michigan Ballot In 2018

LANSING — When the coalition to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use turned in petition signatures to the Secretary of State on Monday, the group added to what could be a crowded ballot next November. Other ballot proposals, including the way district lines are drawn for local, state and federal elected offices, are […]

Denver Becomes First City To Allow Cannabis Bars, Restaurants

Denver has approved a first-in-the-nation law allowing people to use marijuana in bars and restaurants and other public spaces, such as art galleries or yoga studios. The catch: Patrons could use pot as long as it isn’t smoked and the locations would have to seek the approval of neighbors. Denver voters approved […]

California Finally Releases Marijuana Rules For Jan 1

Cannabis businesses in California can’t be within 600 feet of schools. Shops have to close by 10 p.m., and they need 24-hour video surveillance. Those regulations are in the new rule book for California’s cannabis industry, which state regulators released Thursday. “I feel a big sigh of relief. It’s a […]

New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization Bill Rejected By House Committee

A bill to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire was rejected by a House committee Tuesday after legislators voiced concerns about conflict with federal law and potential health consequences for a state in the throes of an opioid crisis. Proposed before the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, House Bill 656 […]

New York Senator Thinks State Should Be Next to Legalize Marijuana

Brooklyn Law School last week was the epicenter of a growing movement to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana in New York. The school’s Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) on November 6 hosted Cannabis Law: From Criminalization to Opportunity, billed by organizers as the largest cannabis policy reform event ever […]