Coloradans With MMJ Cards Score Bargains

It arrives in pre-rolled joints and by the ounce in plastic containers. It is turned into oil and gets smoked, or is used to saturate gummy bears and brownies. Teas contain it. Salves include it as an ingredient. Pills? It finds its way into capsules, tablets and softgels. Nearly everything […]

Distillate Vape Cartridges Help Boost September Sales

September was good to the cannabis industry in Colorado, with record-high sales of $136.63 million according to cannabis market research firm BDS Analytics. September and strong cannabis sales go together — last year September was the No. 1 month for marijuana sales for the year, and so far September leads […]

Growth Slowdown in Colorado

Month-over-month growth for the cannabis industry in Colorado has been strong since January 2015, the first month for which we had historical data to measure growth. That month, for example, saw growth of 36 percent compared to January 2014, according to cannabis market research firm BDS Analytics. Ever since, growth […]

Solid Growth in Tinctures Market

People working in cannabis spend a fair bit of time talking about vape pens, flower trends and gummies, and for good reason — together, these pieces of the cannabis puzzle represent a healthy chunk of sales. But dispensary shelves groan with the weight of other products, from bags of caramel corn […]

Medical and Rec Markets in CO and OR: Essential Business Intelligence

In states that support both medical and recreational cannabis marketplaces, sales in the different channels both reflect each other and diverge. For cannabis industry stakeholders, understanding sales trends and consumer behavior in the different channels is essential business intelligence. First, let’s address the obvious. Sales within medical markets, over time, […]

Oregonians’ Taste in Edibles Evolving

The bakers and confectioners, cooks, tincture-wizards and chocolatiers in Oregon who infuse their treats with weed don’t have it easy. One month, the pot consumers of the Beaver State go nuts for bars of chocolate, but then they pivot to gummies. Understanding the consumer whims of marijuana-munching Oregonians demands close […]

California Prices High for Legal Cannabis

California’s decades-long reputation as an international cannabis growing powerhouse suggests prices for flower should be cheap. The logic: With enormous outdoor grows in the Emerald Triangle pumping out so much Blue Dream, Jack Herer and Gorilla Glue, the marketplace must be flooded with flower, and Golden State prices as a […]

Potent Demand for Vapes in California

Passion for vapes in California was already strong in March. And by July, just four months later, it had grown even more potent. The latest data from data analytics firm BDS Analytics reveals that market share for vapes within the broad concentrates category is highest in California among states with […]

Californians are Enthused for Infused

A little boost with that joint? The question isn’t common in other states with big legal cannabis marketplaces, like Colorado, Washington and Oregon. But in California it might be the budtender equivalent of the cafe question, “Cream with your coffee?” Cannabis enthusiasts in the Golden State, far more than consumers […]