Pennsylvania’s MMJ Program Expects Shakeup With Recreational Marijuana In New Jersey

New Jersey is almost certain to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use within a year, and that’s sure to have major repercussions on Pennsylvania’s nascent medical cannabis industry. Gov.-elect Phil Murphy ran on a platform calling for full legalization of all forms of marijuana for anyone over 21. Industry analysts say the […]

Pennsylvania Gives First Legal Marijuana Grower the OK to Begin

A medical marijuana grower/processor in western Pennsylvania became the first state licensee Tuesday to receive the go-ahead to begin production. Cresco Yeltrah in Jefferson County, northeast of Pittsburgh, is one of 12 grower/processors licensed for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, the state Department of Health announced. “Every day we hear from patients who […]

Pennsylvania Green-Lights First Cannabis Grow Facility

The post Pennsylvania Green-Lights First Cannabis Grow Facility appeared first on High Times. Pennsylvania finally got the green-light to begin medical marijuana production at the state’s first cannabis grow facility. A year ago, Pennsylvania became the 24th medical marijuana state in the United States. The state’s Department of Health sorted through […]

PA Approves First Two Cannabis Labs

According to a PennLive article, Pennsylvania’s Department of Health approved the first two cannabis laboratories for their medical cannabis program. ACT Laboratories of Pennsylvania LLC and Keystone State Testing LLC are the companies that were approved to perform analytical testing for safety and quality in cannabis products. Both laboratories expect […]

Pennsylvania Launches MMJ Media Campaign to Prepare for 2018 Rollout

The post Pennsylvania Launches MMJ Media Campaign to Prepare for 2018 Rollout appeared first on High Times. Before a single seed has been legally sown, a cannabis producer and dispensary operator in Pennsylvania has launched the state’s first ever MMJ media campaign. The goal is to inform people about the […]

Legal Challenges Could Delay Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program

HARRISBURG — A state lawmaker and advocates who fought to get medical marijuana legalized in Pennsylvania say a rejected applicant for a dispensary and grower licenses should drop its effort to get the state’s program halted. In a lawsuit filed in Commonwealth Court, Keystone ReLeaf asked the court to halt […]

Should PA Revoke a Cannabis License For Their Parent Company’s Past?

Pennsylvania Medical Solutions, LLC (PAMS), won a license to grow medical cannabis in Pennsylvania, but some think the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) should reconsider awarding that license. PAMS is a subsidiary of Vireo Health, which has medical cannabis licenses in New York and Minnesota, as well as quite […]

Pennsylvania Dispensaries Have Their Permits, Now Doctors Must Get Certified

Since medical marijuana has been legalized in Pennsylvania, several businesses have received permits for dispensaries. But that doesn’t mean the drug will be dispensed any time soon. The state is still hammering out regulations governing which doctors will dispense marijuana and which patients are eligible to receive it. These hurdles will keep the […]