Police Sexually Assault Man During Roadside Search For Marijuana

Police body camera footage showing officers conducting an invasive search for marijuana has surfaced in New Jersey. John Paff, an open government advocate, discovered the footage while filing public record requests across the state. Paff quickly published the footage, which went public on Tuesday. Did police sexually assault man during […]

New Research Shows How Medical Marijuana Can Fight Opioid Crisis

In states that have legalized medical marijuana, cannabis has proven to be an effective painkiller and opioid alternative. Not only can cannabis treat opioid addiction, but new research shows how medical marijuana can fight opioid crisis by curbing the number of opioid prescriptions. Here are the findings from two separate […]

Efforts To Diversify Medical Marijuana in Maryland Move Forward

Legislators say that efforts to diversify medical marijuana in Maryland move forward after amendments to the bill are made. In January, a disparity study ordered by Gov. Larry Hogan determined that women and minorities lack representation in the industry. Currently, minorities own only one of the cannabis processing companies licensed by […]

States With Legal Marijuana Seek Summit With Jeff Sessions

Oregon, Illinois, California and other states with legal marijuana seek summit with Jeff Sessions. Recently, the federal government suspended the policy preventing the DEA from going after marijuana businesses in states where weed is legal. And infamously anti-marijuana Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a big part of the Trump administration’s agenda. […]

Six People Suffer Severe Bleeding After Consuming Synthetic Weed

In Illinois, six people suffer severe bleeding after consuming synthetic weed. This is one of many recent occurrences that reveal how dangerous synthetic cannabis can be. Here’s what happened last week. Illinois’ Illegal and Dangerous Synthetic Weed Six people living in northeastern Illinois have experienced severe bleeding due to synthetic […]

Canadian Province Doubling Down on Public Smoking Restrictions

It looks like Nova Scotia will be limiting where you can smoke before Canada legalizes weed late this summer. This Canadian province doubling down on public smoking restrictions is looking to amend its Smoke-Free Places Act. If the provincial government passes this amendment, smokers of tobacco and marijuana alike will […]

Most of Massachusetts’ Municipalities Have Banned Marijuana Retail

Voters passed the legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts way back in November 2016. Since then, the legalization movement has overcome a number of obstacles, leading to a July 2018 legalization date. But just because recreational Mary J will be legal in Massachusetts doesn’t mean that it will be accessible. […]