New Jersey Assemblyman Proposes Homegrown Marijuana If Legalized

Should New Jersey residents be able to grow their own marijuana at home? A top-ranking Garden State assemblyman thinks so. Reed Gusciora (D., Mercer) is the deputy majority leader in the Assembly and a prosecutor in Lawrence Township. He’s also running to be mayor of New Jersey’s capital city. Gusciora believes residents should […]

Pennsylvania’s MMJ Program Expects Shakeup With Recreational Marijuana In New Jersey

New Jersey is almost certain to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use within a year, and that’s sure to have major repercussions on Pennsylvania’s nascent medical cannabis industry. Gov.-elect Phil Murphy ran on a platform calling for full legalization of all forms of marijuana for anyone over 21. Industry analysts say the […]

In a Victory for Cannabis, Phil Murphy Wins the New Jersey Governor’s Race

TRENTON — Democrat Phil Murphy‘s victory in the governor’s race Tuesday night drives New Jersey “full-steam ahead” toward legalizing marijuana and cultivating an estimated $1.3 billion industry, the sponsor of the legislation said. Throughout the campaign, Murphy has embraced the idea of making marijuana available for recreational use for people 21 and older. Early on, […]

New Jersey Court Says State Must Recognize Value of Medical Marijuana

TRENTON — State and federal law classified marijuana as one of the most dangerous drugs more than 45 years ago, citing its “high potential for abuse” and a lack of medical value. But a groundbreaking decision by a state appeals court on Tuesday said the Christie administration must revisit marijuana’s legal standing under […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About New Jersey’s Push for Marijuana Legalization

Although a topic in Trenton for three years, the campaign to legalize marijuana in New Jersey officially begins Monday when a Senate committee will discuss how the potentially billion-dollar  industry should be regulated. So what will it take for you to be able to legally buy recreational pot in New […]

Marijuana Legalization Comes Down to Upcoming Election in New Jersey – Cannabis Business Executive

TRENTON — Long-promised legislation that would legalize, regulate and tax the use of marijuana for recreational purposes in New Jersey is being unveiled Monday, with an eye toward approving it next year. The bill probably won’t be passed until next year because Gov. Chris Christie is a vehement opponent. But […]