Russian Media Slams Morgan Freeman for Marijuana Use

It appears  Morgan Freeman and Russia are in the midst of their own personal Cold War. This past Wednesday, Freeman appeared in a video for the group “Committee to Investigate Russia”, a non-profit organization founded by notable celebrities including Freeman himself and director Rob Reiner. The camp’s purpose is to […]

We Need to Talk about Hollywood’s Representation of Weed Culture

About the nicest thing you can say about Disjointed, the old-school-sitcom-in-a-21st-century-medical-marijuana-dispensary that premiered on Netflix last month, is that it is diverse. Yes, the vital elements—the series’ star (the legendary Kathy Bates) and its creator (sitcom veteran Chuck Lorre, responsible for Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang […]

11 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Stoner Dads

Sunday is Father’s Day, so when remembering everything you need to thank your dad for, don’t forget those times he ignored you smoking in the garage or “didn’t smell” it on your clothes (really, Dad, thanks). Today, we salute 11 celebrity dads doing their part to advance marijuana in our culture or […]