Washington Security Breach Delays Traceability System Rollout

On February 8th, Peter Antolin, the deputy director for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), sent an email to licensees explaining why the transition to their new traceability system was disrupted. Last Saturday, someone gained access to the sensitive information in Leaf Data Systems, the state’s traceability software […]

Security Incident Played Role in Traceability System Rollout Disruption

PRESS RELEASE OLYMPIA, WA 02/07/2018 – The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) today reported that the online marijuana traceability system was disrupted after a computer vulnerability was exploited on Saturday Feb. 3, 2018. The exploitation allowed an intruder unauthorized access to the system, which is maintained on servers […]

Here we go again, Can the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Get anything Right?

Five days into the implementation of the new Leaf Data System Seed to Sale system in Washington State, things are progressing slowly and causing major business disruption for licensees in the state. On the I502 Google user group, licensees and their techs have shared information and potential solutions to implement […]

BioTrackTHC To The Rescue: Contingency Plan for Washington

According to a press release published this morning, BioTrackTHC successfully implemented their Universal Cannabis System (UCS) in Washington State, a temporary solution for the state’s seed-to-sale cannabis tracking system, while the new system is yet to be deployed. BioTrackTHC had a contract with Washington State for four years, which expired […]

One Piece Of Software Has Completely Transformed The Pot Industry

The post One Piece Of Software Has Completely Transformed The Pot Industry appeared first on High Times. It’s a known fact among weed business owners that one piece of software has completely transformed the pot industry. Founded by Jessica Billingsley and Amy Poinsett, MJ Freeway is a software system designed […]

Regulatory Oversight Debacle Blows Up In Washington State

Recently, The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) announced that their new contract, seed-to-sale (SOS) system provider, MJ Freeway and its  Leaf Data System, would not be able to meet the October 31st deadline to take over the service provided by the original contractor, BioTrackTHC. After announcing an arduous work […]

MJ Freeway Hardships Linger

MJ Freeway, a seed-to-sale traceability software company with a number of government contracts, has been making headlines this year for all the wrong reasons. A series of security breaches, website crashes and implementation delays have beleaguered the software company throughout 2017. Just this morning, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported the company’s […]

MJ Freeway’s Source Code Stolen & Published Online

Portions of MJ Freeway’s source code were reportedly stolen and posted in Reddit threads as well as on Gitlab.com, a source code hosting website. On June 15th, the account “MJFreeway Open Source” was made on Gitlab.com, and portions of the source code were posted, but have since been taken down. […]

Washington Changes Course, Selects MJ Freeway as New ASV

Two weeks ago, we reported on the State of Washington choosing Franwell as their apparent successful vendor (ASV) for their seed-to-sale traceability system contract. Late last week, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) sent out an email explaining that they are no longer going with Franwell and the […]

Pennsylvania medical marijuana program on fast track to become largest in the country – Cannabis Business Executive

Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Mike Folmer and Democratic Senator Daylin Leach, ranked 36 and 37 respectively in the CBE 2016 Political 100,  are two happy guys. The mechanisms behind the medical marijuana bill they wrote, which became law on April 13, 2016, are now in full run mode with the prospect […]