Steep Hill Announces Major International Expansion

According to a press release, the Steep Hill team announced they are expanding internationally in a big way on Monday. Steep Hill, a well-known cannabis lab-testing and research company with roots in California, announced plans for licensing agreements in Mexico, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Photo […]

Officials Seize 1,300 Pounds Of Pot At Border

The post Officials Seize 1,300 Pounds Of Pot At Border appeared first on High Times. United States Custom and Border Control officials announced Monday that they seized over 1,300 pounds of pot last week at the Del Rio Port of Entry. According to officials, the enormous stash of illegal cannabis came from Mexico […]

Yet Another Deadly Prison Uprising In Mexico

The post Yet Another Deadly Prison Uprising In Mexico appeared first on High Times. There was yet another deadly prison uprising in Mexico. The latest grim manifestation of the unrelenting prison crisis in Latin America comes from the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León. Authorities confirmed last week that the riot resulted in the […]

Expo Weed Mexico Brings Cannabis Brands, Activists & Consumers Together

The second annual Expo Weed Mexico took place last weekend at the the World Trade Center in Mexico City, but it wasn’t exactly a Latin American Cannabis Cup. While the event did bring local and international cannabis companies together with activists and the general public, there was no actual weed […]

Mexican State Government Provides MMJ to Patients

Cover Photo by Justin Cannabis.  For the first time, a Mexican state government has purchased a medical marijuana product to use as therapy for its citizens. On August 17, Eruvial Ávila, governor of the State of Mexico, personally distributed the first shipment of CBD hemp oil to patients at the […]

Mexico Takes Steps Towards Nationwide Medical Marijuana

Margarita’s 13-year-old son, Carlos, usually sits in a wheelchair. He suffered a cardiac arrest just after birth and was diagnosed with near loss of brain function. Since then, Margarita has dedicated herself to taking care of him, becoming well acquainted with his frequent epileptic seizures and spending thousands of dollars on hospitalizations. […]