Massachusetts MMJ Patients Are Worried About Shortages Once Recreational Sales Start

For medical marijuana patients, the drug is not only for getting high. It offers relief from pain, nausea and other symptoms of illness. Now, medical marijuana patients are worried that supply of their medicine is in “grave danger” when legal recreational marijuana goes on sale. “No regulations have been drafted […]

Massachusetts Set To Decide This Month On Social Use Of Cannabis

BOSTON — Could Massachusetts become the first U.S. state where adults can gather and use legal recreational marijuana at so-called “cannabis cafes?” The Cannabis Control Commission, the five-member panel set up to regulate the state’s marijuana industry, is expected to decide later this month whether to approve draft regulations that would allow […]

First Billboards for Marijuana Dispensaries Hit Massachusetts

Those getting off the Massachusetts Turnpike near Chicopee will now get the chance to see a first in state history — billboards advertising medical marijuana. The two billboards, visible from the east and west near Exit 5, were put up by the medical marijuana nonprofit New England Treatment Access. NETA […]

Marijuana Party Bus Still Needs the OK from Massachusetts Board

The chairman of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission says the legality of mobile weed lounges will be part of its ongoing review of businesses that stem from legalized marijuana use, as a Colorado company eyes bringing its “puff bus” service to the Bay State. The Herald reported yesterday that a […]

Lacking Cultivators, Massachusetts Expects to Run out of Legal Marijuana Quick

The first retail marijuana stores in Massachusetts could open in July 2018. But don’t count on being able to buy marijuana. Industry experts are warning that there is likely to be a pot shortage almost immediately, since there will not be enough growers in the state to keep up with […]

4 out of 5 on Massachusetts’ New Marijuana Board Were Anti-Legalization

BOSTON — Four of the five members of the board responsible for regulating marijuana in Massachusetts voted in November against allowing recreational use of the drug, leading supporters of legalization to call for assurances the panel would not try to slow implementation of the voter-approved law. Britte McBride, Kay Doyle and […]

Massachusetts Promises Crackdown on Marijuana DUIs

Massachusetts officials promised a crackdown Thursday on marijuana-impaired driving as the state prepared for full implementation of the voter-approved law legalizing adult use of recreational pot. State police said they were increasing the number of officers with special training in detecting whether motorists are under the influence of THC, the psychoactive […]

Here’s 3 Things You Should Know About Massachusetts and Their Marijuana Law Changes

It may be a few weeks later than they planned, but Massachusetts lawmakers appear to have agreed on legislation to implement changes to the voter-approved law legalizing marijuana in the state. The so-called compromise bill was introduced in the state House of Representatives on the Monday and, according to The Boston Globe, is expected […]

Massachusetts Unveils Marijuana Law Compromise to Public

BOSTON (AP) — State House and Senate negotiators reached an agreement Monday on a revamped version of Massachusetts’ voter-approved marijuana law that would allow retail pot sales to be taxed at a maximum 20 percent rate. The deal was struck following closed-door negotiations by a six-member conference committee tasked with […]

So What Changes Could Massachusetts See in Their Marijuana Laws?

Behind closed doors, Massachusetts lawmakers are scrambling to change the new marijuana law. The main questions are how many changes they plan to make and how big they go in overhauling or tweaking the voter-approved law. A team of negotiators from the Massachusetts House and Senate has been meeting on Beacon Hill […]