The Future of Marijuana Startups Is All About Exit Strategies

As more entrepreneurs and investors clamor to get into the growing marijuana industry, few people are talking about the future of marijuana startups. Specifically, what happens to startups when recreational marijuana is legalized across most states or across the entire country? What happens when big businesses go all-in on the […]

This Marijuana Stock Is Booming Past The Rest

In case you haven’t noticed, marijuana stocks are growing like a weed. A majority of those with a market cap of at least $200 million have had their share price double or triple over the trailing year as optimism surrounding legal weed grows. Rapidly rising sales figures have certainly played […]

Looking to Invest in Cannabis? Here Are Two Canadian Companies to Consider

The budding marijuana industry in Canada is set to explode, according to a number of key industry players banking on a wave of increased consumption from groups that have otherwise steered clear of the green commodity. With only a few large cannabis producers jockeying for position in a bid to […]