In It’s First Week, Maryland Is Running Out Of Medical Marijuana

Maryland’s medical marijuana dispensaries finally opened this week after years of delay, but many are running out of the drug as limited supply is struggling to keep up with high demand. Five of seven licensed dispensaries that started selling the drug in recent days say they’ve either completely or almost run out […]

First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set To Open In Maryland

SALISBURY, Md.- The first medical marijuana dispensary on the Eastern Shore of Maryland could open within weeks in Salisbury. Other dispensaries are preparing to open as well, possibly next year. They will all do so with a unique set of challenges. Peninsula Alternative Health on Snow Hill Road will be the first […]

Detroit Passes Vote to Ease Restrictions on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Detroit voters said “yes” to relaxing restrictions on medical marijuana facilities, making it easier for dispensaries to open and operate in the city. With more than 96% of the precincts reporting late Tuesday, the “yes” vote for one proposal was leading with 60% of the vote. The “yes” vote on the second proposal, […]

Michigan Makes a 180˚ Allowing Medical Marijuana Shops to Remain Open

LANSING, Mich. — In an about-face, Michigan regulators said Wednesday that medical marijuana businesses can stay open while seeking a state license as long as they have been operating with the approval of their local community. The announcement came after the state previously gave dispensary shops until Dec. 15 to close […]

In a Marijuana Market with Little Competition, Vermont Looks for More

Vermont’s handful of medical marijuana dispensaries have exclusive permission to grow and sell marijuana in the state.  If and when lawmakers legalize non-medical weed, they will likely have a head start on a very profitable industry. From the outside, Shayne Lynn’s 2,800-square-foot building in Milton looks more like an insurance company’s […]

City of LA Approves New Recreational Marijuana Rules

Los Angeles may become one of America’s hottest marijuana markets soon, after city lawmakers approved new rules on Monday to regulate and legitimize the cannabis industry ahead of January’s full legalization of recreational use in the state of California. The regulations, which were first drafted in March, spell out requirements for […]

New Medical Marijuana Rules in Michigan Will Allow All-In-One Facilities

LANSING, MI – A new medical marijuana facility licensed by the state will be able to grow, process and sell medical marijuana at the same location, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced on Thursday. The legislature last year passed legislation to legalize and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, but left some particulars up […]

New Bill Would Let Medical Dispensaries and Caregivers Sell Recreation Cannabis in Maine

Medical marijuana dispensaries and caregivers could join Maine’s new adult-use market under a proposed rewrite of the state legalization act. A draft bill released Monday would let Maine’s eight licensed medical marijuana dispensaries apply for a license to sell recreational cannabis, but they could not sell medical and recreational products at the […]

Hawaii Plans to Be First Cashless Cannabis State

State officials announced Tuesday that Hawaii will be the first state to require marijuana sales to be handled without cash, saying they want to avoid robberies and other crimes targeting dispensaries. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii won’t be allowed to accept cash beginning as soon as Oct. 1 and will […]

New York’s Medical Marijuana Program Is About to Change – Here’s Why

If you want to know why New York is set to change its rules and regulations around medical marijuana, all you have to do is show up at a local dispensary and start talking to patients. But first, be prepared for security. At Manhattan’s first dispensary, located at the foot […]