These 5 States Are Not Making It East To Legalize Marijuana

While many states are standing in the way of marijuana legalization, they usually aren’t outright sabotaging efforts to do so. Even politicians who don’t support cannabis end up implementing the new laws if the voters want it. But some states will go to extreme lengths to prevent the voters’ will […]

Marijuana Extraction Specialists May Get Their Own Licenses In Maine

After years of operating in the shadows, people who make marijuana-infused foods, tinctures and oils for qualified medical patients may finally get their own state license. State lawmakers who oversee Maine’s medical marijuana program want to license and regulate the use of explosive chemicals or gases to extract concentrates from […]

Is the US Attorney Cracking Down on Illegal Caregiver Activities in Maine? Pot plants, luxury cars seized in Lewiston-Auburn raids

Richard ‘Stitch’ Daniels, 52, is charged with marijuana trafficking and hash oil manufacturing, and officers tow multiple cars, including a Lamborghini Huracan and a Nissan GT-R. LEWISTON — A Lewiston man was charged with marijuana trafficking and manufacturing butane hash oil following a series of raids by state and federal […]

Maine’s retail pot laws remain in flux

When the Maine legislature’s Joint Committee on Marijuana Legalization and Implementation let the Feb. 1 deadline to extend the state’s moratorium on recreational cultivation and licensing of marijuana businesses come and go, it left the state in an awkward position. Currently, retail marijuana is technically legal without any means for […]

An Insider’s View: How Labs Conduct Cannabis Mold Testing

As both recreational and medical cannabis legalization continues to progress across the country, each state is tasked with developing regulatory requirements to ensure that customers and patients receive clean cannabis for consumption. This requires cannabis to undergo laboratory testing that analyzes the presence of microbial impurities including yeast and mold. […]

Maine Employers Now Prohibited From Discrimination Against Marijuana Use

Workers in Maine no longer have to worry about getting in trouble at work for smoking marijuana in their off time. Employers in the state will no longer be able to discriminate against employees for using marijuana or marijuana by-products outside after new laws went into effect, and the state’s Labour Department […]

Maine Medical Marijuana Numbers Down Eight Percent In 2017

Even though it has yet to record its first retail sale, Maine’s adult-use marijuana market appears to be taking a bite out of the state’s medical marijuana industry. In 2017, the first year that Mainers could legally grow their own recreational pot, the number of medical marijuana patient certifications, dispensary […]