Homegrown Marijuana Takes Hit In Swedish High Court

The post Homegrown Marijuana Takes Hit In Swedish High Court appeared first on High Times. The trial of a paralyzed man who was prosecuted by Swedish authorities for self-medicating with cannabis recently sparked debate over the right to cultivate medicinal herb in the Scandinavian nation. Now Sweden’s Supreme Court has just ruled against […]

Enforcing Your Patent Without Litigation

Patent litigation can be costly; the median cost can be more than $3 million. Even as the owner of a patent, you should explore all options before deciding to file an infringement suit. Litigation should be your last resort, even if your lawyer is convinced you can win. Winning a […]

Med-West Defendants Accept Plea Deal

The post Med-West Defendants Accept Plea Deal appeared first on High Times. The case against the owner and four employees of San Diego medical marijuana firm Med-West recently came to a close, when the defendants pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges. Business owner James Slatic, and Kensuke Hanaoka, Patric McDonald, Matthew […]

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights for Cannabis Put to Test in Federal Court

A number of cannabis businesses have pursued federal intellectual property protection for their cannabis-related innovations, such as U.S. patents that protect novel cannabis plant varieties, growing methods, extraction methods, etc. Enforcement of such federal IP rights requires that the IP owner file suit in federal court asserting those rights against […]

Case Against Legal Cannabis Company Med-West Moves Forward

The criminal case against legal medical marijuana business Med-West will proceed with a “status conference” in November, it was decided by Judge Michael T. Smyth at a hearing in San Diego Superior Court on Tuesday, September 12. Appearing before the judge were James Slatic, Med-West owner; four of the company’s […]

Modest Victories for Defense in Case against Med-West Cannabis Company

In a case being watched by both the cannabis and legal communities nationwide, attorney Jessica McElfresh and her legal team scored two modest victories last week. In a pre-trial hearing in San Diego Superior Court, Judge Laura W. Halgren ordered the return of McElfresh’s seized medical records and set a […]

Is There a Medical Cannabis Crisis Brewing in Germany?

There is a great deal to be happy about with medical cannabis legalization in Germany. This is the first country that has mandated insurance coverage of the drug – at least at the federal legislative level. However, as the government evaluates the finalists in the first tender bid for domestically […]

Canada Wins Class Action Suit Against Big Pharma – High Times

A class action suit against the infamous OxyContin pushers ended with Purdue Pharma agreeing to fork over $20 million—a drop in the bucket for this billionaire company that single-handedly started the American opiate epidemic. The Canadian lawsuit involved allegations of “over-marketing,” which happens to be Purdue’s modus operandi, AKA, flooding […]