Cannabis Lab Founder Steps Down After Neo-Nazi Ties Revealed

The post Cannabis Lab Founder Steps Down After Neo-Nazi Ties Revealed appeared first on High Times. Until earlier this week, Bethany Sherman was a co-owner—with her partner and co-parent Matthew L. Combs—of OG Analytical, a cannabis testing lab in Eugene, Oregon.  By all accounts, they were high-profile members in Oregon’s […]

DEA Asks Feds to Grow 978 Pounds of Marijuana for Research Next Year

443,680 grams. That’s how much marijuana the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wants federally-licensed researchers to grow for use in scientific studies in 2018. That amounts to a little more than 978 pounds of government-cultivated cannabis. While that may sound like a lot, it’s actually a slight decrease from this year’s […]

Two Ohio Universities Apply for Medical Marijuana Testing Program

COLUMBUS – Central State University and Hocking College both applied to test medical marijuana in Ohio – potentially resolving longstanding fears that no public institution would take the risk. Ohio put a one-year moratorium on private laboratories testing marijuana’s properties before it is sold. Other states allow private businesses to test marijuana because […]

77 Percent of California Clones Contaminated by Pesticides

The post 77 Percent of California Clones Contaminated by Pesticides appeared first on High Times. After an extensive study by the California-based cannabis testing lab Steep Hill, researchers have determined that most have of the state’s ubiquitous pesticide problem is due to the process of cloning plants. This comes on the […]

Potent Demand for Vapes in California

Passion for vapes in California was already strong in March. And by July, just four months later, it had grown even more potent. The latest data from data analytics firm BDS Analytics reveals that market share for vapes within the broad concentrates category is highest in California among states with […]

Ohio Finally Has Its First School for Medical Marijuana Testing

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Hocking College is the first school to announce it wants to be a state testing laboratory for medical marijuana. The Southeast Ohio school will apply to test cannabis for safety and potency, which the law will require before sales. Other Ohio public colleges and universities have been hesitant to offer […]

The Future of California’s Regulations: Q&A with Josh Drayton

Josh Drayton, deputy director of the California Cannabis Industry Association, has an extensive career in local and state-level politics, with his origins in Humboldt County as a political organizer. As a coffee shop owner about ten years ago in Humboldt, he let city council candidates use his space for community […]

San Diego Cannabis Group Seeks Pot Testimonials

The San Diego educational community group CannITalk is seeking individuals willing to give short video testimonials sharing how cannabis has had a positive impact in their life. The group, in conjunction with the Association of Cannabis Professionals (ACP), will edit submissions into a program to be presented to the San […]

Ohio Hits Roadblock Testing Medical Marijuana as Universities Remain Leery

Ohio is moving ahead with rules for growing, processing and selling medical marijuana, but the job of testing the product for public consumption remains up in the air. The state law, which went into affect last September, requires an Ohio college or university to test marijuana for “potency, homogeneity and […]

In-House Potency Testing for Pot Businesses

Determining THC potency of flower and concentrates can be an important part of operations for many cannabis cultivators and manufacturers. Knowing the exact strength of a product can be a valuable bargaining chip when striking a deal. Achieving consistent results can be extremely challenging without testing during formulation and production. […]