Cannabis Market Innovations – Opportunities and Obstacles are Shaping the Future

For innovative entrepreneurs, the cannabis industry looks like a massive opportunity, and it can be if you’re willing to go on a bumpy ride. The industry is growing rapidly, and the variety of businesses entering the cannabis market is expanding even faster. From marijuana foods to marijuana tech, cannabis market […]

Thinking 4/20 is Meh? Think Again — It’s Massive

Marijuana’s big holiday, 4/20, is a huge day for cannabis sales. In fact, it’s the biggest one-day event of the year for the industry — last year between Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California 4/20, which fell on a Thursday, led to $36.3 million in sales according to cannabis market research […]

Merging Alcohol and Cannabis – Is This the Future of the Marijuana Industry?

The company with the most money wins. This is often the case in business, but in the growing marijuana industry where savvy startups have led the way over the years, the environment has been quite different. That could be changing soon if highly capitalized alcohol companies continue eyeing the cannabis […]

Cultivate Your Culture

The cannabis business sector is teeming with opportunity.  Your company has so much growth potential.  And as the leader of a cannabis company, you have countless new ideas and ventures before you. Amid all this excitement and forward momentum, take care not to overlook your organizational culture.  A healthy culture […]

MJBizDaily Agrees to Pay Former Company President in Settlement

CBE Press has learned that, Anne Holland Ventures Inc. (AHV), owners of Marijuana Business Daily (MJBizDaily), Marijuana Business Magazine, Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJBizCon), and George Jage, their former President & Publisher, came to a settlement agreement executed February 20, 2018 in which AHV paid an undisclosed settlement to […]

Leveraging Real Estate to build Their Piece of the Pie in the Golden State: Grupo Flor

Paul Henderson, CEO CBE caught up with the CEO of Grupo Flor (GF), Paul Henderson, to learn more about the company’s strategy and game plan for grabbing a significant piece of the revenue pie under California’s new Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) program. Henderson, as unlikely […]

Want to prevent Cannabis theft & diversion? Start collecting behavioral data.

By Jeremy Applen, Vice Chairman ASTM D37 and Leslie Engleking With each passing year, FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards) is asked to investigate more and more cases of theft and diversion throughout the cannabis industry. Findings from records audits and compliance checks continually reveal sophisticated diversion schemes that, upon first […]

Fed Backs Marijuana-Focused Credit Union

Fourth Corner won’t serve dispensaries, focusing on ancillary businesses such as accountants and lawyers WASHINGTON—A Federal Reserve Bank has given conditional approval to a Colorado credit union to serve marijuana-related businesses, though to win the Fed’s backing it agreed to step back from its original plan to serve state-licensed dispensaries. […]