Sixth-Grader Permitted To Use Medical Marijuana At School

The post Sixth-Grader Permitted To Use Medical Marijuana At School appeared first on High Times. In a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, a sixth-grader permitted to use medical marijuana at school has made local headlines. And has also potentially set an important precedent when it comes to pediatric medical marijuana patients. […]

Illinois’ Cannabis Industry Doesn’t Expect Any Changes Despite New Federal Policy

Members of Illinois’ medical marijuana industry say they’re disappointed by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ move to allow more aggressive enforcement of marijuana laws — but business operators maintain existing laws will protect them. And one of the sponsors of a proposal to legalize recreational pot in Illinois says the federal shift […]

Tikun Olam Expands to Washington, D.C.

Today, Tikun Olam announced their expansion into the Washington, D.C. market. Partnering with the cultivator, Alternative Solutions, they will license them to grow, manufacture and distribute Tikun-branded products. Tikun Olam is an international cannabis company with roots in Israel, where they are working in clinical trials to produce strains targeting […]

Doctors From Illinois Are Fighting For Medical Marijuana To Replace Opioids

As a prominent Chicago surgeon, Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph sees them all too frequently: people who endure severe injuries or multiple surgeries, only to become addicted to prescription painkillers. One patient who pleaded for help was on such strong drugs already that Bush-Joseph knew he couldn’t handle more surgery without dangerously […]

Wana Brands Dominates Oregon Market, Expands to East Coast in 2018

Wana Brands launched their products in Oregon’s market in July 2016, about a year ago. Since then, their brand presence has grown considerably and their products are now in 240 of Oregon’s 375 dispensaries, according to a press release issued this morning. Wana Brands is an infused products company; they […]

Illinois Lawmakers Consider Marijuana Legalization – Cannabis Business Executive

As the czar of Colorado’s marijuana program, Barbara Brohl says she is neither pro- nor anti-pot. But she believes the legal market for the drug is eating into the black market, funding drug abuse treatment and prevention and providing a safer product. The roughly $200 million in tax revenue from […]