Hemp All Around Us

This feature has been published in High Times magazine. Subscribe right here. Written by Frank Gregory Batteries With chronic complaints of iPhone lithium batteries dying way too quickly, it’s obvious that energy-storage technology needs to evolve—and cannabis may spur this along. Alternet reports that researchers are focusing on using cannabis products […]

Ex-Im Europe: The Face of the Current Cannabis Market

In the United States, the idea of transporting cannabidiol (CBD), let alone medical cannabis across state lines is still verboten. As a result, a patchwork of very different state industries has sprung up across the map, with different regulatory mandates everywhere. While it is very clear that California will set […]

The Strange, Suspenseful Saga of ‘Operation Candy Crush’ Has Ended

The post The Strange, Suspenseful Saga of ‘Operation Candy Crush’ Has Ended appeared first on High Times. The strange, suspenseful saga of ‘Operation Candy Crush’ has ended after charges were dropped by prosecutors. Rutherford County, Tennessee District Jennings J. Jones announced the decision in a press release February 28. Jones […]

Hoban Law Group Expands Internationally

Last week, Hoban Law Group announced a major international expansion, with new offices in Latin America and the European Union. The Denver-based law firm said they will have four new offices across the EU by late fall and two new offices in Latin America by spring of 2018. Bob Hoban, […]

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights for Cannabis Put to Test in Federal Court

A number of cannabis businesses have pursued federal intellectual property protection for their cannabis-related innovations, such as U.S. patents that protect novel cannabis plant varieties, growing methods, extraction methods, etc. Enforcement of such federal IP rights requires that the IP owner file suit in federal court asserting those rights against […]

Cops Thought They Found $100K Worth of Weed, But They Were Wrong

A National Guard helicopter hovered overhead as teams from four different Missouri police and sheriffs’ departments bushwhacked through a field of tall green plants. They slashed through the woods to discover what they called “one of the largest marijuana grow seizures in the area.” The raiders chopped down the plants […]