Steep Hill Announces Major International Expansion

According to a press release, the Steep Hill team announced they are expanding internationally in a big way on Monday. Steep Hill, a well-known cannabis lab-testing and research company with roots in California, announced plans for licensing agreements in Mexico, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Photo […]

France Considers Fining Cannabis Possession

The French have always been known for possessing a certain national savoire faire. In English, that translates to a phrase meaning innate understanding of how to do things with a certain amount of panache, if not bonhomie. International diplomacy was long conducted in French as a result. However, when it […]

France to Drop Prison Terms for Pot Use – High Times

France will introduce a law by year’s end to end prison terms for cannabis use, a spokesman for the new President Emmanuel Macron said last Friday. Macron made his pledge to reform laws on cannabis use a key campaign plank during the hard-fought race. Under current law, offenders can face a year […]

France’s Presidential Contenders All Want Marijuana Reform (Except for the French Trump) – High Times

The United States owes much to France—independence, a certain iconic statue, Anthony Bourdain’s attitude—and now, America is poised to deliver a favor in return. Liberating Paris during World War II was nice, but nearly no one alive remembers (nor, in the postmodern era, does anyone not in America really much […]