Judge Grants Convicted Murderer Permission To Use Medical Marijuana

The post Judge Grants Convicted Murderer Permission To Use Medical Marijuana appeared first on High Times. In more optimistic news, a Florida judge grants a convicted murderer permission to use medical marijuana. The medical marijuana patient in question has schizophrenia, a mental illness commonly associated with cognitive issues and problems […]

EVIO Labs Expands To Florida

Currently, there are no lab testing regulations for Florida’s medical cannabis market. Chris Martinez, co-founder and chief operating officer of EVIO Labs Florida, a veteran-owned business, is looking to change that. Chris Martinez, co-founder and chief operating officer of EVIO Labs Florida When Martinez co-founded EVIO Labs Florida, he saw […]

Medical Marijuana Is Booming in the Sunshine State

While much of the marijuana news has focused on potential federal interference with legalized marijuana and California joining the ranks of legal recreational marijuana states, Florida has started what should become a mammoth medical marijuana business. Projections vary on the size of the Florida market for medical marijuana but the consensus estimate […]

Florida Medical Cannabis Market Growth Stymied By Red Tape

The demand for medical cannabis in Florida might be growing steadily, with patient numbers soaring, but that doesn’t mean the market will grow accordingly. Due to hampering regulations and a lack of state guidance, the industry in Florida is tiny and patients have limited options for medical cannabis products. A […]

Florida Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Deal Adding More Operators

Florida will have 10 additional marijuana operators — more than double the number of the state’s current vendors — within four months, under a medical marijuana proposal approved by lawmakers Friday. The Legislature signed off on the compromise measure, which limits each marijuana company to 25 retail stores across the state, […]

Medical Marijuana Implodes in Florida—Whose Fault Is It? – High Times

This year, Florida state lawmakers had a clear mandate: Figure out how to give the state’s voters their constitutionally mandated weed, and do it by May 5. On the same day they helped hand Donald Trump a not-so-historic Electoral College victory, Florida voters told their legislature—loudly, by an overwhelming 72 […]

Florida’s medical marijuana program: What’s next? – Cannabis Business Executive

Florida’s medical marijuana bill is in limbo. It failed to pass on the state’s last legislative session, May 5. Since it failed to pass, new rules are slated to be issued by Friday, May 13 by the Florida Department of Health. Florida senate president, Senator Joe Negron, has also indicated […]

Marijuana Banned at All Disney Theme Parks – High Times

Walt Disney World, the enormous and enormously expensive Graceland-cum-Mecca for Greatest Generation-era cartoon characters and the modern-day parents willing to mortgage their homes to experience it, is the self-described “happiest place on earth.” (Because there’s just something inherently heartwarming about waiting in line three hours to float in fetid water […]

Is It ‘Medical Marijuana’ If You Can’t Smoke It? – High Times

Following last-minute changes, the lower house of Florida’s legislature voted 105-9 on Tuesday to pass HB 1397, ostensibly following through on the voter mandate to establish a medical marijuana program in the Sunshine State. But those last-minute changes included both a limit on the number of license holders—and a ban on […]