Mainstream Media Picks Up On Cannabis

The British online newspaper, The Guardian, has just begun to cover cannabis. The regular feature, part of their “society” section, is clearly attempting to cover cannabis a bit more consistently and regularly as the California rec market begins to gain (legal) steam. The writer now helmed to lead this effort […]

Top PR Firms in Cannabis of 2017

The end of the year is often a time for reflection when people look back at their accomplishments over the last year; and those in the cannabis industry are no different. 2017 was a year of monumental change for the cannabis industry. Riding high on a wave of electoral victories […]

DPA Reform Conference Day 3: Ending Prohibition

The post DPA Reform Conference Day 3: Ending Prohibition appeared first on High Times. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) Reform Conference happens every two years. It’s a truly amazing event that brings together drug policy activists from around the world to discuss a reform agenda beyond just legalization of marijuana. Lately, though, […]