Marijuana Extraction Specialists May Get Their Own Licenses In Maine

After years of operating in the shadows, people who make marijuana-infused foods, tinctures and oils for qualified medical patients may finally get their own state license. State lawmakers who oversee Maine’s medical marijuana program want to license and regulate the use of explosive chemicals or gases to extract concentrates from […]

Tinctures, Pills Triumph in High-CBD Edibles Market

Candy is the No. 1 edibles category in California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. In all of these states, chocolate is the second-most popular type of product. Other categories like baked goods and beverages fill out the rest of sales. But when we examine edibles products that are high in CBDs, […]

Lagunitas Brews New Experimental IPA with Cannabis Extracts

Brewers like to describe super-hoppy IPAs the way that they might talk about marijuana: “dank,” “resinous,” “sticky.” It makes sense, after all: Both cannabis (pot) and Humulus lupulus (hops) are members of the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants, and both rely on compounds called terpenes to provide their essential flavors […]

Flower’s Dominance Fluctuates

Sales of flower — everything from grams of Blue Dream to ounces of generic hybrid blends — dominate in all states with legal recreational marijuana, compared to other categories like concentrates, edibles and topicals. During the first quarter of 2017 in all channels between Colorado, Washington and Oregon, flower captured […]

Edibles Company Launches New Coffee Pods Infused with Cannabis

Want your morning coffee to come with a little extra buzz? Brewbudz just might do the trick. A company called Cannabiniers on Wednesday launched the Brewbudz, which is “the world’s first cannabis infused coffee, tea and cocoa pods.” The pods are compatible with all Keurig and Keurig 2.0 brewers, making your morning wake and bake as […]

Boston Area Medical Dispensary Launches Marijuana-Infused Pizza – Cannabis Business Executive

It has the bubbly look of a South Shore staple, but these are not your typical bar pizzas. Ermont, the non-profit that put cannabis cold-brew on shelves earlier this year, just launched THC-laced personal pies at its Quincy dispensary. The sauce atop each six-inch cheese pizza is infused with 125 […]

The rise of the vape – Cannabis Business Executive

The concentrates category is the cannabis industry’s largest, next to flower. And it looks like that second-place ranking is not drifting away anytime soon, based on data from BDS Analytics, one of the cannabis industry’s leading sources of cannabis data. Vaporizers spike with oomph during the end of 2016.  While […]

Contaminants in your cannabis still a troubling, controversial trend – Cannabis Business Executive

As more medical cannabis dispensaries come online across the country, and as a group of recreational shops are set to open in Nevada this summer, the cannabis industry is taking more steps to protect the cannabis consumer from the toxic products used to grow and process the plant by advancing […]