Ask Dr. Mitch: Coping With Cannabis

This feature has been published in High Times magazine. Subscribe right here. Dr. Mitch Earleywine, the author of Understanding Marijuana and The Parents’ Guide to Marijuana, dishes on whether marijuana can help your sex drive, weed in the workplace, and prejudice against pot smokers. I know there was research years ago, but I wonder if […]

Does Cannabis Affect Your Immune System?

Scientific research is proving more and more medical uses for cannabis. Experts cite medical marijuana as an effective treatment to use in conjunction with other medications, often to decrease their side effects. For example, people with epilepsy, cancer and HIV frequently use cannabis. Furthermore, many people choose to smoke weed instead […]

Should Medical Schools Start Teaching About Cannabis?

Medical marijuana is legal currently in 29 states, and more are looking to pass marijuana legislation this year. Despite all this legislative progress in medical and recreational cannabis, doctors are often ill-equipped to discuss the realities of medical marijuana or dismissive of its benefits. Consequently, doctors and patients alike are […]

Lawmakers Want To Charge Doctors Who Prescribe Cannabis With A Felony

The post Lawmakers Want To Charge Doctors Who Prescribe Cannabis With A Felony appeared first on High Times. State legislators in Arizona are looking to crack down on pre-existing medical marijuana laws with a bold, albeit harsh, set of regulations. In order to further regulate the plant amongst its medical […]

Study: 90 Percent of Doctors ‘Unprepared to Prescribe’ MMJ

Medical marijuana recommendations are most often written out by doctors, but a new study shows about 90 percent of doctors learn nothing about weed in medical school. The doctors who are recommending cannabis have almost no formal education on the subject, making them unprepared to prescribe medical marijuana. Even though medical […]