Nevada Testing Lab Licenses Suspended, Then Reinstated

When Nevada legalized adult use sales this past summer, the market exploded and undoubtedly flooded licensed testing labs with samples to get products on shelves. In August, roughly a month after the start of adult use sales, a Las Vegas cannabis-testing lab, G3 Labs, had their license suspended for an […]

Nevada Rec Sales Launch Makes a Big Splash

On July 1st, dispensaries in Nevada began recreational cannabis sales, where thousands flocked to retail shops on opening day throughout the state. In Las Vegas, 38 dispensaries were flooded with customers in long lines, with waits up to three hours, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Nevada joins four other […]

Recreational Marijuana Sales Could Be Stalled in Nevada After Court Order – Cannabis Business Executive

Nevada may not get recreational marijuana sales in July as promised. A group of alcohol distributors are demanding that they have exclusive rights to transport marijuana for the first 18 months of the industry. A district court judge in Carson City validated their concerns Tuesday evening, issuing an order that prevents […]