Denver’s Cheba Hut Claps Back At Sonic’s Weed Intolerance

This week in munchie fast food wars: Denver’s Cheba Hut claps back at Sonic’s weed intolerance. Last week, a Sonic drive-thru in Mississippi threatened not to serve blazed customers. And Cheba Hut won’t stand for discrimination against the stoned from other fast-food chains. We don’t know about you, but we’re stoked to […]

New Marijuana Grow Op Is Offering Free, Full Facility Tours

The post New Marijuana Grow Op Is Offering Free, Full Facility Tours appeared first on High Times. The “farm-to-table” approach has become something of a mantra for craft and boutique culinary companies trying to keep an edge on the competition. On its own, the final product just doesn’t cut it […]

Hoban Law Group Expands Internationally

Last week, Hoban Law Group announced a major international expansion, with new offices in Latin America and the European Union. The Denver-based law firm said they will have four new offices across the EU by late fall and two new offices in Latin America by spring of 2018. Bob Hoban, […]

The Dankest Party Bus You’ve Ever Seen: My Ride with Loopr

We are well into marijuana legalization here in Colorado. Throughout the state, we have marijuana dispensaries in virtually every city and small town. Weed hotels, dab bars, bud and breakfasts, social clubs and now a party bus named Loopr that cruises the city while chauffeuring around patrons as they get […]

Denver, Just Treat Pot (Consumers) Like Alcohol (Consumers)—As We Voted – High Times

Throughout the campaigns to legalize marijuana in eight states so far, a familiar refrain has been, “Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol.” Yet, in all eight states, we’re not even close to treating marijuana like alcohol. Where, in any state, may adults only purchase a limited amount of alcohol, only from stores […]

For Here or To Go? Social Consumption of Cannabis

In November 2016, residents in Denver, Colorado voted to pass Initiative 300, allowing businesses to seek social marijuana use permits if neighborhood or business groups also agreed and signed off. In the very near future, the process for how cannabis consumers purchase and consume cannabis will no longer be restricted […]