Q1 European Cannabis Industry Update Report

While the American cannabis industry deals with both unparalleled opportunity and new risks, Europe is setting itself up for a spring that is going to be verdant. The ongoing drumbeat for reform in countries across the continent is bringing both money and high-grade medical product into the market. Even if […]

European Cannabis News Roundup 2017 And Predictions For 2018

Europe saw big developments on the cannabis front all year. This includes country-by-country developments that include legalization of medical use and even plans to begin domestic production, no matter how delayed such plans have turned out to be. By far the most interesting market developments were in Germany all year. […]

Hash Haven: An Inside Look at Pusher Street in Christiana

Christiana is a weird, mythical place on many a counter-culture citizens’ bucket list. A sort of Slab City meets San Francisco, or maybe more well described as a hippy commune with running water and electricity? Whatever your takeaway of this hamlet in Copenhagen—although residents would insist Christiana is not a […]