This Congressman Could Be Sabotaging Legal Cannabis

The post This Congressman Could Be Sabotaging Legal Cannabis appeared first on High Times. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California may be one of the most vocal proponents of legal cannabis on Capitol Hill. But in some circles, he is also considered a lunatic. For nearly 30-years, this Republican soldier has […]

Congress Looks Ready to Take on Sessions If Necessary on Medical Marijuana

Congress will likely renew protections next month for state medical marijuana laws — but pro-pot lawmakers and advocates are still watching nervously in case Attorney General Jeff Sessions launches a last-minute sabotage campaign. For nearly three years now, Congress has maintained a policy prohibiting the Justice Department from using federal funds to prevent states […]

What’s Happening on Capitol Hill? Part 2: A Bill-By-Bill Review

Since the first session of the 115th Congress convened on January 3, 2017, twenty-four cannabis reform bills have been introduced, fifteen in the House and nine in the Senate. All of them address in varying ways the puzzles that have emerged as more and more states legalize cannabis in the […]

Federal Medical Marijuana Protections Extended Through September 2017 – High Times

The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which prevents the U.S. Department of Justice from spending funds to interfere with state medical marijuana laws, was included in the budget resolution that was released last night. The amendment renewal extends protections until September, 2017 and also includes language that supports industrial hemp research as well, which is […]