Psychedelicatessen: Toasted Pot Pastries

The post Psychedelicatessen: Toasted Pot Pastries appeared first on High Times. Inspired by the nostalgic flavors of a raspberry Pop Tart, these easy toasted pot pastries come together quickly. Don’t let yourself get intimidated by the phyllo dough—it makes the resulting treat flaky and buttery, with an elegant grown-up twist […]

What Could Edibles Mean for Canadian Restaurants?

The post What Could Edibles Mean for Canadian Restaurants? appeared first on High Times. Canada’s about to have recreational weed, but what could edibles mean for Canadian restaurants? Will patrons be able to see cannabis-infused food on the menus, or will there be stricter regulations? Edibles In Restaurants? People want […]

How Bong Appétit’s Jason Pinsky Became TV’s First Cannabis Producer

For years, cannabis consumers have been portrayed as lazy stoners in the eyes of mainstream America. Meanwhile, activists have been working hard to legalize, destigmatize and normalize its use. Lives are being enhanced thanks to this miracle plant, and every day, we learn something new about its incredible capabilities because […]

Are You the Next HIGH TIMES NorCal Top Cannabis Chef—Or Can You Crown Who Is? – High Times

Calling all cannabis chefs and edible foodies! Competitors and judges, are needed! Enter the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Cook-Off, June 3 & 4, in Santa Rosa, California. It’s not just a contest, but an immersive cannabis experience! Visit the HIGH TIMES Application Form NOW to apply for your chance to […]