Australian Brand Launches First Japanese Medicinal Cannabis Campaign

Australian medicinal cannabis company Elixinol has launched Japan’s first campaign advertising their products following a long-fought battle with regulators. The ASX listed company has become the first to gain approval for a billboard advertising cannabidiol hemp oil – commonly known as CBD – in the country where medical marijuana has faced […]

Texas Backs Off Changes That Could’ve Led to CBD Confiscation, for Now

The Texas Department of State Health Services has tapped the brakes on a proposed protocol that could’ve seen all food and supplements containing cannabidiol oil removed from Texas store shelves, thanks to a deluge of comments sent to the agency last month in support of the products. “The protocol that was […]

Wisconsin AG Schimel Gives Hemp Farmers OK To Produce CBD Oil

MADISON – Attorney General Brad Schimel says Wisconsin farmers who grow industrial hemp can produce CBD Oil from it. Schimel’s statement on May 10 is a reversal from a Justice Department memo last month that said only doctors and pharmacies can distribute the oil and people can possess it only with […]

Michigan To Regulate CBD Oil Same As Cannabis

Michigan’s market for oil-based marijuana products will now be covered by medical marijuana laws, state regulators announced Thursday. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs issued its first clarification of CBD Oil, declaring that state laws allow for its sale to medical marijuana patients – as long as the oil […]

Wisconsin DOJ Warns Hemp Farmers Not To Sell Or Possess CBD Oil

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is advising law enforcement agencies and the public that a medicinal oil derived from marijuana and hemp is still illegal, despite laws passed in recent years legalizing its use in limited circumstances. The announcement caught many farmers participating in a new state-authorized hemp growing program […]

Why Buying Medical Marijuana Online Could Be Dangerous

The post Why Buying Medical Marijuana Online Could Be Dangerous appeared first on High Times. If you’re buying medical marijuana online, you may not be getting what you’re paying for. Buying medical marijuana online could be dangerous if you’re only looking to ingest CBD. Your CBD could be stronger than […]

Real People Busted for ‘Legal-In-All-50-States Hemp CBD Oil’ – High Times

Nothing gets my Facebook page roiling these days like stating the simple fact that cannabidiol is a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law and illegal under most state laws. If It’s Legal, Why Did We Pass Those CBD Oil Laws? “But our CBD oil is produced from hemp, so […]