Why Cannabis Investors Are Eyeing South America

Almost every week, an American or Canadian cannabis company announces a large overseas investment. And it’s no longer just Germany, Israel and Australia that are piquing investors’ interest. Emerging markets like Jamaica are also turning heads. The largest investment opportunities might be found in other emerging markets — especially South America for cannabis and […]

Cannabis Investments Increase Nearly 600% Internationally

Compared to the first five weeks of 2017, this year’s investments represent nearly 600 percent growth. The cannabis industry registered US$1.23 billion in investments during January alone, according to Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker – almost the total amount of money invested in the industry throughout 2016, which was US$1.29 billion. Compared to the first five weeks of 2017, this year’s investments […]

Once On A High, Cannabis Stocks Are Now Get Crushed

If you’re invested in any one of the major weed stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the past few months must have been utterly nerve-wracking. After a sharp bull run in the in the months leading up to 2018, shares of some of the biggest licensed producers in Canada […]

The Future of Marijuana Startups Is All About Exit Strategies

As more entrepreneurs and investors clamor to get into the growing marijuana industry, few people are talking about the future of marijuana startups. Specifically, what happens to startups when recreational marijuana is legalized across most states or across the entire country? What happens when big businesses go all-in on the […]

Looking to Invest in Cannabis? Here Are Two Canadian Companies to Consider

The budding marijuana industry in Canada is set to explode, according to a number of key industry players banking on a wave of increased consumption from groups that have otherwise steered clear of the green commodity. With only a few large cannabis producers jockeying for position in a bid to […]

Venture Capitalists On Standby Mode – Cannabis Business Executive

The venture capital industry has not made much of a dent in the cannabis business. Yet. It’s pretty clear why. This is a risky business for a risk adverse group of people betting that the funds they invest will pay off down the road. But.. the road is a bumpy one. At […]

Yikes! These 5 Marijuana Stocks Lost a Combined $193 Million in 2016. Are marijuana stock gains about to go up in smoke? – Cannabis Business Executive

April 18, 2017 by Rob Meagher Leave a Comment Over the past year, marijuana stocks have been practically unstoppable — and for good reason. For starters, the dollar figures behind the legal cannabis industry are scorching hot. North American legal pot sales grew by 34% in 2016 to $6.9 billion, […]