Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Headed To The Senate

MPs passed the Liberal government’s bill to legalize cannabis Monday evening, sending the legislation down the hall to the Senate for further study and debate. The legislation was largely supported along partisan lines, although it secured the support of the NDP and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. The final vote […]

Canada Moves One Step Closer To Marijuana Legalization

The post Canada Moves One Step Closer To Marijuana Legalization appeared first on High Times. After a landslide vote, Canada moves one step closer to marijuana legalization. Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dream of legalizing cannabis throughout his country be actualized by his planned date of July 2018? Canadian Cannabis […]

Did ABCann Lose The German Cannabis Bid?

In rather shocking news out of Germany on the cannabis front, it appears that Canadian LP ABcann has not been selected as one of the finalists in the country’s first tender bid to cultivate cannabis domestically. As reported in the German press, the company has not been invited to submit […]

KIND Financial Launches Canadian Payment Solution

KIND Financial, a technology and compliance software solutions provider in the cannabis industry, is launching a new e-commerce and payment processing platform in Canada. According to the press release, they are partnering with a Canadian bank to launch the KIND Seed to Payment platform, which is essentially an e-commerce gateway […]

Colorado Medical Officer Tells Canada ‘No Significant Issues’ from Marijuana Legalization

The Chief Medical Officer in Colorado, where marijuana was legalized in 2014, has some advice for Canada leading up to the legalization of marijuana on July 1. Dr. Larry Wolk told Island Morning host Matt Rainnie Canadians have been interested in hearing his opinions on the subject since it was […]

What Could Edibles Mean for Canadian Restaurants?

The post What Could Edibles Mean for Canadian Restaurants? appeared first on High Times. Canada’s about to have recreational weed, but what could edibles mean for Canadian restaurants? Will patrons be able to see cannabis-infused food on the menus, or will there be stricter regulations? Edibles In Restaurants? People want […]

What Is Going On With Germany’s Cannabis Bid?

Germany is proceeding down the path to officially grow its own medical cannabis crops. Medical use became legal this year, along with a federal mandate for cheap access. That means that public health insurance companies, which cover 90% of Germans, are now firmly on the hook if not front line […]