Lawmakers Want To Charge Doctors Who Prescribe Cannabis With A Felony

The post Lawmakers Want To Charge Doctors Who Prescribe Cannabis With A Felony appeared first on High Times. State legislators in Arizona are looking to crack down on pre-existing medical marijuana laws with a bold, albeit harsh, set of regulations. In order to further regulate the plant amongst its medical […]

Wana Brands Dominates Oregon Market, Expands to East Coast in 2018

Wana Brands launched their products in Oregon’s market in July 2016, about a year ago. Since then, their brand presence has grown considerably and their products are now in 240 of Oregon’s 375 dispensaries, according to a press release issued this morning. Wana Brands is an infused products company; they […]

Customs Agents Find Coffin Packed with 67 Pounds of Pot in Back of Hearse – High Times

“Don’t you laugh as the hearse goes by, for you may be the next to die…” or get busted near Tombstone, Arizona with a bunch of weed in a casket. Yes, that happened. The driver of a shiny white hearse, one young gringo whose name has not been released, could […]

Do Arizona Police Have A Drug-Sniffing Lizard? – High Times

Police across America are confronting an inconvenient truth: Drug-sniffing dogs are bad at sniffing out drugs. Across the country, records of K-9 units are rife with false positives. And even better than being erratic, drug dogs (or their handlers) also suffer from pronounced racial bias. According to a Chicago Tribune […]

Applications for Tissue Culture in Cannabis Growing: Part 1

Dr. Hope Jones, chief scientific officer of C4 Laboratories, believes there are a number of opportunities for cannabis growers to scale their cultivation up with micropropagation. In her presentation at the CannaGrow conference recently, Dr. Jones discussed the applications and advantages of tissue culture techniques in cannabis growing. Dr. Hope […]