GreensData Report: Vape preferred by 14% of users

Cannabis users who choose Vape as their most preferred a consumption method account for 13.8% of the total user base, according to the Spring 2018 Cannabis Consumer Buying and Use Habits study. These Vape users tend to be younger than the overall user base. 11.8% of users reporting actually purchasing […]

GfK MRI Measuring Cannabis Use in Ongoing Nationwide Study

PRESS RELEASE Top-quality consumer research now covers both recreational, medical consumption  The new questions are now in the field, with data scheduled to become available next March; MRI is capturing recreational marijuana use within the past 6 months, and medical use in the last year. MRI clients will be able […]

Consumers Purchasing From At Least 3 Cannabis Product Categories

Cannabis consumers are most likely to purchase from at least 3 different cannabis categories, according to the Spring 2018 Cannabis Consumer Buying and Use Habits study. The most commonly purchased are Flower, Edible and Pre-Rolls. Of all respondents who used cannabis in the last 12 months, 33% purchased just one […]

Even where it’s legal to sell marijuana, it’s hard to advertise it

As the cannabis industry grows, generating an estimated $10 billion in annual sales, states are increasingly approving medical marijuana programs and passing adult-use laws. But for marketing agencies, marijuana dispensaries and cannabis brands, advertising the pot brings its own hurdles. Online platforms with prime advertising space like Facebook and Google do not […]

SEO… Keyword Strategies for Cannabis Companies (part 1)

Welcome to keyword strategy in-depth with probably about 3 parts, this being part one. Keyword research is the fundamental building block, for all cannabis business’ online marketing efforts. It goes beyond optimizing your website, to enabling a better connection when marketing to your audience, as you are using their language. […]

Cultivate Your Culture

The cannabis business sector is teeming with opportunity.  Your company has so much growth potential.  And as the leader of a cannabis company, you have countless new ideas and ventures before you. Amid all this excitement and forward momentum, take care not to overlook your organizational culture.  A healthy culture […]

Why Does Facebook Still Hate Legal Marijuana Businesses?

At this writing, thirty states and the District of Columbia have legalized some form of marijuana, be it recreational, medical or both, with Colorado having been in the latter category for more than four years. Nonetheless, Facebook and Instagram continue to make it difficult for cannabis businesses to advertise and promote themselves on […]

Popular Alcohol Marketer Jumps into the Cannabis Realm

Find your buds? The U.S. marketer of Corona, the Mexican beer known for its “Find Your Beach” tagline, is dipping its toe into the marijuana business. Constellation Brands, which also markets wine and spirits brands, has taken a 9.9% stake in a Canadian marijuana company called Canopy Growth Corp., the Wall Street […]

Facebook Ads Algorithm Explained for Cannabis Companies – Part I of 2

Let me answer this first: yes, there are ways to get Facebook ads approved for your cannabis company. You just must be creative. I’m going to talk a bit about machine learning. We hear all the time about how smart the Facebook algorithm is. I think just kicking it off, […]

Branding: More than Logo Design – Cannabis Business Executive

By Wendy Rall Branding is one of the most misunderstood hot topics in our industry today. Due to this, it’s critical to your business to understand the importance of a strong brand, which is much more than a logo. What is a logo? Simple question, right? We all know that it […]