Israel’s Cannabis Export Plans Evaporate in Fire and Fury

Trump Administration-Israeli relations had the distinct whiff of cannabis to them in the first week of February. In a development potentially just as impactful as transplanting Israel’s capital to Jerusalem, it has now emerged that Israel’s president, Benjamin Netanyahu, has effectively scotched, at least temporarily, the country’s budding medical cannabis […]

Tikun Olam Expands to Washington, D.C.

Today, Tikun Olam announced their expansion into the Washington, D.C. market. Partnering with the cultivator, Alternative Solutions, they will license them to grow, manufacture and distribute Tikun-branded products. Tikun Olam is an international cannabis company with roots in Israel, where they are working in clinical trials to produce strains targeting […]

Ganja Greats: 10 Americans Who Shaped the Pot Landscape

With the 4th of July approaching, it’s time to celebrate freedom in America–and of course that starts with weed, now completely legal in eight states and the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital. Despite the national divisions of liberal and conservative, as well as race, color and creed, weed can […]