Researchers Are Trying To Find Most Effective Anti-Drug PSAs

The post Researchers Are Trying To Find Most Effective Anti-Drug PSAs appeared first on High Times. Although previous studies have shown that anti-drug campaigns, like Nancy Reagan’s infamous “Just Say No” digital bowel movement on the children of the 1980s, are mostly ineffective when it comes to preventing Americans from […]

Popular Alcohol Marketer Jumps into the Cannabis Realm

Find your buds? The U.S. marketer of Corona, the Mexican beer known for its “Find Your Beach” tagline, is dipping its toe into the marijuana business. Constellation Brands, which also markets wine and spirits brands, has taken a 9.9% stake in a Canadian marijuana company called Canopy Growth Corp., the Wall Street […]

Facebook Ads Algorithm Explained for Cannabis Companies – Part I of 2

Let me answer this first: yes, there are ways to get Facebook ads approved for your cannabis company. You just must be creative. I’m going to talk a bit about machine learning. We hear all the time about how smart the Facebook algorithm is. I think just kicking it off, […]

How Science Is Going To Save Your Cannabis Business

Marketing cannabis and the products that accompany recreational use is set to become one of the biggest industries in the United States. With 29 states promoting legal medical cannabis, 14 with it decriminalized and 8 having legalized it completely, you might be thinking this will be the easiest ad-campaign of […]

Colorado Harvest Company is a Founding Sponsor of Denver’s New 7,500-Seat Concert Venue Colorado Harvest Company

PRESS RELEASE DENVER, July 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When the new Levitt Pavilion Denver opens its doors atop Ruby Hill Park with a free concert on July 20, leaders of Colorado Harvest Company will realize a lofty goal its owners set for themselves in 2009 when they first opened […]

How to create content marketing that sells in the cannabis industry – Cannabis Business Executive

There are plenty of self-proclaimed content marketing experts around these days. The only thing these experts have ever seemed to market, however, is themselves. Will this content marketing thing work in the cannabis industry? I think, fundamentally, the way people understand content marketing and the way that it’s taught is […]

Pennsylvania Temporary Rules for Doctors Released

Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary Dr. Karen Murphy recently released a draft of temporary regulations for physicians, asking for feedback via a survey from the medical community. “The process for a patient to obtain medical marijuana will begin with the physician, so it’s vital to ensure that our regulatory process for […]

Branding: More than Logo Design – Cannabis Business Executive

By Wendy Rall Branding is one of the most misunderstood hot topics in our industry today. Due to this, it’s critical to your business to understand the importance of a strong brand, which is much more than a logo. What is a logo? Simple question, right? We all know that it […]