New York Lawmakers Push to Treat Opioid Addiction with Cannabis

Although cannabis has long been falsely accused of being a “gateway drug” for harder substances like heroin and opioid-based painkillers, the public perception has dramatically shifted in recent years. So much so, in fact, that renowned doctors have essentially said just the opposite—cannabis can actually help ween people off of […]

New Research Shows How Medical Marijuana Can Fight Opioid Crisis

In states that have legalized medical marijuana, cannabis has proven to be an effective painkiller and opioid alternative. Not only can cannabis treat opioid addiction, but new research shows how medical marijuana can fight opioid crisis by curbing the number of opioid prescriptions. Here are the findings from two separate […]

CDC Finds Opioid Epidemic Worse Than We Thought – High Times

The devastation associated with the opioid epidemic in the United States has been largely underestimated, according to the latest report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Federal health officials now say there are far more than 91 people dying everyday as a result of a vicious dance with […]