Berlin’s ICBC: Meeting the European Cannabis Industry

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin is now officially over. The speeches have been made, the parties have been attended. The hard-working crew behind it all has wrapped up, checked out and is off to Vancouver. And most of all, the marathon of meetings and deal discussions that […]

Head of German Police Union Calls for Official Decriminalization of Cannabis

Facing the same conundrum as police everywhere after the start of a medical market only this time with federal authorization, the head of the German police union has called for recreational use of cannabis to also be decriminalized. On the first Monday of February, the head of the BDK – […]

Legalize (What People Are Doing With) Marijuana!

The post Legalize (What People Are Doing With) Marijuana! appeared first on High Times. There isn’t a week that goes by where I’m not reading some article, blog or comment from someone in the cannabis community who hates how the process of legalizing marijuana is proceeding. “It’s destroyed medical marijuana!” […]

DPA Reform Conference Day 3: Ending Prohibition

The post DPA Reform Conference Day 3: Ending Prohibition appeared first on High Times. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) Reform Conference happens every two years. It’s a truly amazing event that brings together drug policy activists from around the world to discuss a reform agenda beyond just legalization of marijuana. Lately, though, […]

Meet the Activist Leading the Marijuana Movement

Whenever there are rumblings of new developments in the cannabis industry, there’s one resource many insiders visit first for reliable information—cannabis activist Tom Angell’s Twitter account. Inspired by two defining personal experiences, Angell has spent the last 15 years educating people and diligently shining a spotlight on opportunities to take […]

San Diego Cannabis Group Seeks Pot Testimonials

The San Diego educational community group CannITalk is seeking individuals willing to give short video testimonials sharing how cannabis has had a positive impact in their life. The group, in conjunction with the Association of Cannabis Professionals (ACP), will edit submissions into a program to be presented to the San […]

Mexican State Government Provides MMJ to Patients

Cover Photo by Justin Cannabis.  For the first time, a Mexican state government has purchased a medical marijuana product to use as therapy for its citizens. On August 17, Eruvial Ávila, governor of the State of Mexico, personally distributed the first shipment of CBD hemp oil to patients at the […]