Puppy Mills, Fake Rescues, Animal Thieves, And Now Dog Flipping! Just How Low Can The Sleaze Go?

It has now been almost a year since I had a very bad experience with a local puppy mill dog rescue. That experience caused me to start researching the various aspects of puppy mills and dog rescues. In this research, I have come across far too many activities that are the work of truly sleazy […]

What Are Best Products To Manage Ailments in Dogs?

Best products that will manage ailments in dogs effectively are the products that contains pure natural ingredients that will cure the ailments permanently without any negative effect or complication on your dogs. Highlighted below are some products that will treat ailments on your dogs effectively without any adverse effect. HydraPlex Plus Kit HydraPlex Plus original […]

Nexgard – All Important Facts You Should Know About This Product

With fleas and ticks becoming more resistant to the existing treatments, the makers of frontline plus has come up with the new product – Nexgard for dogs. It is an oral parasitic treatment for pets protecting them from harmful external pests. It kills both fleas and ticks apart from keeping pets free from infestation. Seeing […]

Scottie Cramp Disorder In The Scottish Terrier Breed

The Scottish Terrier, also known as a Scottie, is a small framed dog with a wiry fur coat, and normally offers an adorable loving personality. This Scottie breed is prone to some hereditary health disorders however, with one of top disorders known as the Scottie Cramp. This is a neurological movement disorder that affects the […]

Understanding Canine Diabetes In Beagles

Diabetes is a common disease in breeds like Beagles. It is important for every dog ​​owner to know the facts about this disease. – Diabetes is an endocrine disease. It has two types; diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. This disease occurs when the body produces insufficient insulin, a kind of hormone essential in sugar metabolism. […]