Treadmill Training – Training Your Dog on the Treadmill

Ever since Cesar Millan mentioned a dog on a treadmill, owners across the country have tried their hand at treadmill training. Some owners have succeeded while others have failed. Like any type of training, treadmill training takes time and patience. It is highly unlikely that your pooch will be a natural, but he can be […]

Incontinence Dog Problems – Common Causes and Solutions

An incontinence dog problem occurs when your dog involuntary urinates. In most dogs this happens at night or suffers from minor leaking during the day. There are a number of things that can cause incontinence in a dog. The cause is usually based on your dog’s age and sex. Female Spayed Dogs: An incontinence dog […]

The Best Diet to Prevent Canine Stuvite Bladder Stones

A diet to prevent canine struvite bladder stones is the best prescription for your dog's urinary health. In this article you'll learn the dietary do's and don'ts that will help ensure that your favorite furry friend never has to suffer from the pain and misery caused by bladder crystals again. If your pet is prone […]